What gives us the right to claim that we really know about sweet itch? Perhaps the fact that we ourselves adopted a severe eczema more than 10 years ago and have invested a lot of research and development time in our eczema care since then: At that time, our Merlin could not live a summer’s day without his sweet itch blanket and even with a blanket he was bloody on his mane comb, tail, ears, face, belly seam and hose. Then we started to develop CXEVALO®. Today Merlin enjoys the summer without a blanket to the fullest – the symptoms have improved extremely. Now it is our goal to enable as many horses as possible who suffer from sweet itch and/or itching to have a summer without complaints! That is why the CXEVALO® care combination “Eczema & Co” is available for the three decisive care steps. How does it work and why it works? We explain this to you in this blog entry. Enjoy reading!

relieve acute itching In horse skin (as in human skin) there are tiny receptors that are responsible for feeling. The receptors that are responsible for feeling itchiness are located directly next to the receptors that are responsible for feeling cold. If one stimulates – by washing with cooling shampoo for example – the cold receptors of the horse skin, the pleasantly cool feeling “covers” the activity of the itching receptors and the acute itching is noticeably relieved. By the way, this phenomenon works for all types of itching, not only for sweet itch. The pleasant cooling effect of CXEVALO® Cooling Shampoo comes from natural mint oil. The big plus: Mint oil also has a disinfecting effect.

regenerate skin and stimulate new hair growth Due to the constant itching and subsequent scratching, the horse’s skin is affected quite badly and often bloody, bald spots remain on the horse’s body. Time to regenerate the skin and stimulate hair growth anew. This works best with the natural herbs in CXEVALO® coat care spray.

Hamamelis extract has a soothing effect on the skin and regenerates chafed areas. Birch extract stimulates hair growth and nettle extract helps against unloved dandruff. Clove, tea tree and lavender oil also have a disinfecting effect. Simply spray the coat care spray on the affected areas and massage it into the skin with your hand, a brush or the coat care glove.

avoid allergenic mosquito bites Real sweet itch is caused by an allergic reaction to mosquito bites. The most important thing is therefore that your horse gets bites as little as possible. For this you need a really strong mosquito repellent. But it should be natural and as well tolerated as possible, because the weakened horse skin must not be irritated even more by aggressive chemicals. It’s a good thing that there is an active ingredient called Eucalyptus Citriodora – which not only works super well, but is also derived from a plant. And so that the mosquito repellent can also have a long-lasting and reliable effect, it is incorporated into an emulsion. This sticks to the coat for a particularly long time. And we also use a lot of active ingredient in CXEVALO® Repellent – namely 20%. That is more than twice as much as in conventional sprays. So your horse is well protected from allergy-causing mosquitoes and ideally – as with our Merlin – the annoying sweet itch blanket is gone forever. Finally summer can come.