The days are getting much shorter and cooler again and slowly, very slowly, the mosquitoes are also getting fewer and fewer. Finally our darlings, plagued by itching and sweet itch, can relax a little. But bald, chafed spots and wounds on the comb of the mane, tail and belly seam remain as unpleasant “memories” of the summer for many weeks.

How skin, long hair and fur of your favourite will recover faster, I will tell you in this blog article.

Have fun reading,
your Marie

Treat with plant extracts

There are a number of plants that help your horse to regenerate skin, coat and long hair from the outside. I would like to introduce four of them to you in more detail:

Birch extract: Birch water is a real hair-wax boost. It strengthens the hair roots and makes sure that the rubbed off coat and long hair grows back strongly.

: Nettle extract: Nettle is a real “anti-dandruff herb”. Particularly after the itching period, there is often a lot of dandruff, as the callus caused by the pushing is gradually detached in the form of dandruff. I know this all too well from my own experience: in the past, our Merlin just “rained” dandruff. Thanks to nettle extract, we are now as good as rid of the dandruff.

Witch hazel extract: the horse’s skin has also been badly affected in the last few weeks. Witsch hazel extract is now a real boon – it regenerates areas that have been postponed and ensures that the skin can recover from the strains of sweet itch.

Neem extract: due to the many thrushes and itching, the coat and long hair has become dull and pale. Neem extract is a natural shine boost that gives the hair back a healthy look.

Essential oils help the skin

In the right dosage, essential oils can work wonders in horse (skin) care. IMPORTANT: never use the oils pure – even if they are natural products, pure essential oils are too “spicy” for sensitive horse skin!

I have selected three selected oils for you, which are especially suitable for horses suffering from eczema and itching:

Lavender oil: thanks to its skin caring properties, it is often used to treat itching and to treat wounds. The oil can also be used for insect bites. It is therefore ideal if your horse reacts to mosquito bites with severe itching.

Tea tree oil: due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties, tea tree oil is ideal for the care of itchy and sweet itchy skin.

Clove oil:  has a broad antiseptic (= germ-reducing) effect and can thus prevent pathogens from penetrating the (scratched) wounds. Clove oil also has an astringent (= contracting) anti-inflammatory and anti-itching effect.