Sun Screen for Dogs 30ml


Bye Bye Sunburn! Naturally protected dog skin thanks to SPF 30+*.

  • Based on virgin olive oil and ORGANIC shea butter.
  • With physically effective UV filters for a sun protection factor of 30+* – without chemically active UV filters.
  • Without alcohol and without perfume, for the highest possible acceptance of the dogs

For the sake of the environment: in a jar made of 100% Green PE. Green PE consists of renewable, bio-based raw materials such as sugar cane and is 100% recyclable.

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Why CANELO now has its own sunscreen for dogs? Sunscreen for humans usually contains perfume and very often alcohol. Both ingredients have no place on the sensitive skin of dogs. That is why we have developed a sun cream for dogs, which is specially adapted to the needs and the slightly alkaline pH of the dog’s skin and the odor-sensitive dog nose.

With INGREDIENTS that work: virgin olive oil, BIO shea butter, glycerin, physically active sunscreen dispersion based on titanium dioxide and jojoba oil, zinc oxide, as well as water and natural gelling agents.

Natural product: natural without chemical-active sunscreen filters, without microplastics, without silicones, without parabens, without kerosenes, without perfume, without alcohol.

Application sun cream for dogs

Apply the sun cream for dogs to the affected areas of the skin during strong sun exposure or as needed. Massage the sun cream into the skin and allow to absorb briefly. Repeat the application in case of prolonged contact with water.

Skin Type

Sensitive Skin

Application Area

Bald spots on the whole body

* The SPF30+ refers to the recommended application concentration indicated by the manufacturer of the sunscreen dispersion.

Additional information

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