Sun Screen


Byebye sunburn! Hello, protected horse skin thanks to natural oils and physically effective UV filters

  • Based on virgin olive oil and organic shea butter
  • With physically effective UV filters for an SPF 30 + * – without chemically effective UV filters
  • Without alcohol and without perfume, for the highest possible acceptance of the horses

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A sunburned horse? What might sound a bit strange at first affects more and more horses. The increasingly intense solar radiation and stressful environmental influences are a real challenge for the delicate horse skin. Sunscreen for humans contains to much acid, mostly contains perfume and very often alcohol. This ingredients are very bad for the sensitive horse skin. That is why we at CXEVALO have developed a sun cream for horses, which is specially adapted to the needs and the pH value of the horse’s gentle skin. Because the health of horses is important to us.

With ACTIVE INGREDIENTS that work: virgin olive oil, organic shea butter, glycerine, physically effective sun protection dispersion based on titanium dioxide and jojoba oil, organic cocoa butter, zinc oxide as well as water and natural gel formers.

Natural product: naturally without chemically effective sun protection filters, without microplastics, without silicones, without parabens, without paraffins, without perfume, without alcohol.


Apply the sun cream for horses to the rose skin in the area of the mouth and nostrils or the affected skin areas in strong sunlight or as required. Massage in the sun cream in circular movements and let it soak in briefly. Repeat the application in the event of prolonged contact with water

Type of skin

Rose skin around the mouth and nostrils
Sensitive skin
Pasterns with white fur

Skin area

bald spots all over the body

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