In Balance-Care combination


The set contains:

  • Lavender shampoo 500ml
  • Fur care spray 500ml
  • Hoof Balm 200ml

delivery time: 1 - 3 work days

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You prefer to spend every free minute in the stable and love the variety. Your horse is well groomed and has no skin or hoof problems. To keep it that way, you pay attention to what is in the products and use products with herbal ingredients. You know that a healthy, shiny coat is first and foremost a “skin thing” and that your favourite’s hooves play an important role.

You have found the right balance for you and your horse.

Here is our care recommendation:

The coat care spray made from plant extracts (nettle, witch hazel, birch and neem) and essential oils (clove, tea tree, lavender) provides lasting care for the horse’s skin and thus for a shiny coat, strong mane and tail.

The mild shampoo with lavender oil provides a fragrant, harmonious washing experience without straining the skin.

The hoof balm cares and protects at the same time with the power of the olive.

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