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Haflingershampoo 500ml


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Limited Edition 2020 with the fragrance of your dreams: ORANGE VANILLE

  • mild soaps from vegetable oil
  • sunlight reflecting crystal blue for radiant long hair
  • fragrance 2020: ORANGE VANILLA

For the sake of the environment: in a bottle made of 100% recycled plastic

delivery time: 1 - 3 work days

Out of stock

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A powerful cleaning shampoo which also fosters the coat, mane and tail of your horse without dehydrating the sensitive skin. This natural shampoo is made from plant-based soap is moisturizing and perfectly adjusted to the pH value of the horse skin. Light-reflecting crystal blue gives the mane and tail a bright white glow.

Moisten the coat, mane and/or tail. Mix the shampoo with some water and work into a thick lather using your hands or a bowl. Massage evenly into the parts of your horse’s body you want to wash – you may need a sponge or a washing glove – carefully rinse off shampoo.


IMPORTANT: the amount of foam the shampoo makes depends on how dirty your horse is. If your horse is quite dirty, simply shampoo him or her again.

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